Monday, November 22, 2010

Photo Christmas Cards and So Much More

Right now is the perfect time to look at and choose your holiday cards. There are over twenty photo Christmas cards, Christmas Greeting Cards, Christmas Postcards and Thanksgiving cards and so much more. When I went to this website, I knew I was going to get my Christmas cards here this year. In fact, instead of normal holiday cards, I purchased the photo cards this year.

Ever since, well even before my twins were born, I was purchasing these cool photo cards. Before my twins, I was just sending out photo Christmas cards of my hubby and myself. Now, I send out photo Christmas cards of the family and of each twin.

This year for our photo Christmas card, I put our Fall Family photo on the card, and two individual photos of my twins holding a gold picture frame. Instead of writing about it, I will show it to you.

The best thing about these photo Christmas cards is, they can be purchased at a low cost. Some of the cards cost from $1.29 and up to $2.39. The fifteen photo Christmas cards I purchased cost me $1.29. The more you purchase, the lower you pay. That means, it pays to purchase more than ten photo cards.

If this is your first time purchasing holiday cards, you can enjoy 20% off your first purchase. All you have to do is use this code CSHOLIDAY20 at checkout. Now, you can easily make holiday cards for family and friends with this 20%gift given to you.

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