Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday TwiceBabies A and E!!!

Five years ago today, at 4:30PM, I began going into labor with my twin girls. It seemed my twins wanted to make their entrance into this world two months, or five weeks, too early.

When I first began feeling the pain of labor, I called my hubby and we went to my local hospital. I was weighed, but on a gurney and into a waiting room. My OB came in and put an IV in my arm. I remember freaking out and almost jumping out of the gurney for the pain was too much for me. My twins were my first, and last, babies. I had never felt this much pain before, in my life.

Twin "B",was kicking Twin "A" out of their Womb with a View. Since my local community hospital did not have a NICU, I had to be transported via ambulance to a hospital in Modesto.

I remember the EMT,s would not allow me to drink any water, but they gave me ice chips instead. They gave me ice chips because they were not sure what the attending doctor wanted me to have water interrupt the labor pains or something like that.

So, I was in labor for 4.5 hours as I had a C-section, which I wanted from the very beginning. Twin "A" arrived at 8:33PM and Twin "B" arrived at 8:34PM.

It is hard to believe my twins are five years old today. Being born early did not affect their mental or physical abilities at all.

Praise The Lord for my Precious "TwiceBabies" A and E!!!


  1. So happy it all worked out well. It's so scary to have your little ones come early. Ours were 12 weeks early and I remember being scared to death. Ours are also our first and last. :) Happy Birthday to your two little girls. Hope its a wonderful day.

  2. They're beautiful! It was on NOv. 4, 7 years ago that my preemie granddaughter was born at 26.5 weeks. It is a tough, tough road, but so worth every gruling inch of the journey.

    I still relish every second that I get to look at that little girl's face. Her name is Ava.