Saturday, November 13, 2010

In these times, store brand formulas are just as good as name brand

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If you are of the mind set that only name brand baby formula's are the way to go, you would be wrong. As it turns out, store brand formula is made of the same ingredients as name brand formula. Store brand formula's can be found at stores like Walgreen's, CVS, Babies R Us and many more. When you go to your baby's pediatrician, they do tend to give you name brand formula's such as Similac or Enfamil. The reason formula's these are given out to parents in doctor's offices, is because it's a way to advertise who they are and what they offer.

Now, because these name brand formula companies do this, they also pass on the increased formula prices to their potential buyers. On the flip side, the over 20 private label baby formula companies do not advertise on TV or in doctor offices. Word of mouth is one way these private label baby formula companies spread their advertising to parents everywhere. With this word of mouth advertising, potential private label baby formula buyers save an estimated $600 annually.

When you look at and read the private and name brand labels, side by side, you will see they use the same ingredients. This is mandatory from the FDA and USDA. So, in the end, all you would be purchasing is the name brand baby formula.

Recently, Similac baby formula, made by Abbott, did a voluntary recall on all their powder formula's. A small, common beetle, was detected in the powder formula in plastic containers and  offered in 8-ounce, 12.4-ounce and 12.9-ounce cans    Now, the FDA said this would not pose any health risk to your baby, but why chance it. Instead, purchase store brand formula and you will be none the wiser.

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