Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cut Out My Twins Paper Christmas Tree

This morning, I cut out my twins paper Christmas Tree. Oh, they will be so happy because when they get home, I will take out all the craft stuff they can use to glue on their trees to make them whatever designs they want.

My twins do have a wild imagination, so it should be interesting to see what designs or type of tree they come up with. Like I have stated on various occasions, my twins, like many other young children I am sure, need to stay occupied. Being bored is something my twins can not handle.

Speaking of staying occupied and, I found this awesome Fairy Wishes Table and Chair Set, that I knew my twins would just love. They will be opening a tea set for Christmas this year and this table set would be the perfect place to have their tea parties.

Also, if your home happens to need some extra tall bar stools, now is the time to look into some. This is true, especially if your kitchen has a bar area surrounding an island. These tall bar stools would make a great addition to any kitchen/eating area.

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