Monday, December 13, 2010

TwiceToddlers (No More) in their Princess Costumes

Hello my fabulous followers and readers, whether you have twins or twin girls, aged 5 or below, they more likely than not are fans of Disney Princesses. For my twins birthday, my parents, their Nana and Papa, got them the Disney Princesses costumes they wanted.

In the last two days, Twin A and Twin B have been obsessed with their princess costumes. Twin wanted Snow White and Twin B wanted Belle. Over these last two days, I have been trying to get some good photos of them wearing their costumes, but they have been moving around so much, the photo ops have not been attainable.

Twin A walks around the home and talks about being a princess. When she gets home from school, she has to slip on her Snow White costume, same as Twin B slipping on her Belle costume. Today, Twin B wanted Mommy to wear her Halloween costume. For Halloween, I wore one of the dresses the character Elizabeth wore in Pirates of the Caribbean. Well, I said, "No, I don't think so honey. Even though you call me a Queen, I will stay in my clothes. But you and sissy can dress up. I know you live dressing up sweetie."

My twins go through phases, I wonder how long this will last. However long it lasts, at least it is keeping them occupied. My twins have two more Disney custom's which they put on their "animals" and then they play in their "castle tent". Actually, I have purchased two of these tents, but they were not interested in both of them. So now I have the other one in its bag and ready to sell if anyone wants it. The tent is in perfect condition, honestly.

Aside from the tent not being used, my precious twins love role playing, especially if it has anything to do with being a princess.

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