Friday, December 3, 2010

Keeping Your Eyes Healthy Happens with Sterile Saline Solutions

Seeing as we were only given one set of eyes, it is important that our eye are taken well care of. In order for our eyes to stay healthy and feeling good, all day and night, the best thing to use are saline solutions . There are many types of saline solutions on the market, but when caring for your eyes, you do not want 'just any' saline solution in your eyes. That is why your eyes need the Simply Saline Sterile Solution.

This solution is excellent for rinsing, heat disinfection and storage of your soft contact lenses.
If you happen to be an eye patient with a history of sensitivity to such chemicals as Thimerosal, chlorhexidine or other substances present in preserved saline solutions, this is the saline solution you need. Many saline solutions have a burning sensation in the eyes, not this Sterile Saline Solution. In fact, this is excellent for for dry eyes. Having dry is not fun at all. Especially as the dryness progresses through the day. This is why it is important to have this Sterile Saline Solution on hand, at all times. Now, your eyes will no longer feel the sting and uncomfortableness of those chemicals in your eyes. The Sterile Saline Solution comes in a 12FL OZ of sterile. This 12 FL OZ can is buffered and contains the ingredients of isotonic saline solution, sodium chloride, boric acid, and sodium borate with a pH balance to match natural tears.

Finally, your eyes will feel much more healthy and this is the only way to keep your eyes healthy forevermore. In fact, if your eye or eyes happen to be wounded, you can now use a Wound Wash Saline. This is great for everyday scrapes and burns too. In an instant, this solution will flush out whatever is hurting or bugging your eye or eyes with it's gentle and effectiveness. The best thing about this solution is, it is preservative and drug free. The last thing you need in your eyes is a solution with preservatives and drugs.

So now, your eyes will be happy and healthy forevermore.

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