Monday, December 13, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Spirit Week

Since this is the last week of school for my twins Christmas Break, they are having Spirit Week. It looks as though the email letter I received from my twins teacher came late, so I was not able to purchase a Santa Hat for my twins. The Santa Hat was the first thing my twins could have worn at the beginning of this week.

Tomorrow though, my twins, yes both will be going to school, will be wearing their pajama's to class. Oh, they love this idea. They have to wear their pajama's with socks and tennis shoes. I will be having them wear one of their favorite sets of pajama's tomorrow.

On Wednesday, my twins are supposed to bring Holiday(Christmas Grams) to school. I have no idea what this is. I am supposing they are cards for their friends. I will see if I can find any online or email their teacher.

On Thursday, they have to wear socks, any pair of socks will do.

On Friday, they have to wear Red and Green. Well, if I have these colors, they will wear them for sure.

Wow, this does bring back memories from my grade school days. It was fun having spirit week in grade school and high school too.

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