Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Twins and Talking

My twins, as soon as they wake up, they are talking. This talking goes on all day, and all night. As they talk to each other, they fight, fight some more, and yet again, fight, fight, fight. Along with them fighting over toys, sitting next to each other, what movie they want to watch, or whatever their issue is, they are talking.

Honestly, it is quite irritating. They talk, mainly, just to hear their voices. I am not sure about your twins, or singletons, but my twins do not stop talking until they are asleep at night, or take an afternoon nap.

Even when my twins are sick, they talking and running around the home, continues. They do not know the meaning of sitting still, laying down and resting. Especially when they are sick. Finding ways to get my twins to stop talking is a full time job. Is getting your twins, or singletons, to stop talking a full time job as well?

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