Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TwiceToddlers (No More) Wearing Their Hello Kitty Sweaters

Over the weekend, my family went to our new Macy's store. The department store that had originally been there shut their doors. Over the past month, Macy's moved in and it is very nice. Although, at first glance, I thought it looked a bit like the other department store.

Anyway, the first section we walked into was the children's clothing department. And, the first thing we saw were Hell Kitty clothes. Now, last year, I could not find a single sweater for my twins to wear. So, when I saw these adorable Hello Kitty sweaters, I knew I had to get one for my girls.

Twin "B" was standing next to me and I asked which one she wanted. She picked the one with Hello Kitty and and Cupcake. So, that is what I got them.

Today, I had them wear it to school since it was a bit chilly this morning. Twin "A" wore the sweater with her cute jeans and Twin "B" wore hers with pink tight-like pants.

This is my twins making their Peanut Butter sandwiches, looking at Mommy taking photos of them. I think you can see the Hello Kitty on their sweaters.

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