Monday, October 11, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Photographs

This weekend, my family got Fall Family Photographs taken from one of my friends. She is a professional photographer. We met at a local park near her home. My girls had gone to this park when they were in daycare a couple years ago.

The park is very big and so awesome. There are big and beautiful trees all over the park, three playgrounds, a tennis court, a large grassy area for playing soccer, football and whatever sport needs extra room.

There is also a man-made stream near the street, at the bottom of the park area.

Anyway, Twin A was very good and cooperated, on the other hand, Twin B was not as cooperative, but we finally got the photos I wanted.

I can not wait to get the photos, in about two weeks. These photos will replace the ones we took, as a family, when my twins were one year old. Right before they began to walk.

Here is my friends photography website: Charleenfotografie

When you are ready to take family, wedding, new baby photographs, check out her website first.

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