Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TwiceToddlers (No More) and Halloween Costume

For two years now my twins have had a Cinderella costume for play. They have never worn it for Halloween and it got me thinking, they should actually wear it this year for Halloween.

To be honest, I am not a fan of this "holiday". When the Fall season arrives, I do not decorate my home with anything representing this "holiday". Instead, I decorate my home with Fall colors of brown, yellow and orange. I also place fake gourds on my fireplace and sometimes outside my home. Sometimes, I will turn on a clear string of lights on my fireplace as well.

Anyway, this year, my twins will be dressing up as Cinderella. Since the dress and shoes they already have, I purchased this Cinderella purse, pearls and gloves set. Oh and since it will be real cold on this evening, I purchased a white long sleeve shirt for them to wear. I will probably have them wearing pants under the dress too, for extra warmth.

**As a side note, I too will be dressing up this year. My twins keep asking me to dress up, so I purchased a costume as well. Oh, I am such a good Mommy....**


  1. You will have a great time. Halloween is the one day you can reinvent yourself as anyone or thing else. Enjoy it. :) What did you decide to be?

  2. Thank you Cottongirl..I will be dressing up as Elizabeth from Pirates of the Carribean..