Thursday, October 14, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Birthday Parties

My twin girls, they love anything and everything to do with a birthday and birthday parties. If my twins were not talking or singing about something to do with birthday's everyday, something would be wrong!

So this week, my twins have had two friends celebrating their birthday's at school. Today, my twins had to wear a beautiful dress for the party. Twin A worn the dress Nana made them and Twin B worn the "round and round" dress Nana purchased for them. They each wore a cute, floral, headband. One headband I got in the dollar bin at a major retailer and the other headband came with this cute TuTu, also from this same retailer.

It is very rare my twins are not dressing alike. Today, they knew exactly what they wanted to wear for this party. My twins are very girlie and at the same time love sports too.

I love seeing my twins wearing beautiful, floral, headbands and cute hats. Twin A, more than Twin B, always proclaims, "I am a Princess" and wants to be a Princess when she grows up...

I LOVE TWIN A AND TWIN B!!! My precious TwiceBabies!!

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