Saturday, October 23, 2010

For Conference and Video Calls, it's Time to Use the Conference Genie

The Conference Genie company was established in 2006. Now, this is the number one conference call service provider in the UK. The reason for Conference Genie being number one is due to their low charges and pioneering services.

One way to save your business when it comes to travelling to business meetings is to sign up for with Conference Genie. Their technology, which was developed in-house, will support various UK and European service providers. This conference call service was built using the latest digital technology. This digital technology allows it's uses to receive quality, crystal clear calls. The Conference Genie is innovative and leads the way to providing unique features, like Video Conferencing, Dial Out and on-line control features, to their clients. Each of these features are what every business needs. These features, in the long run, will save any size business for having to to make unnecessary travel arrangements.

When it comes to conference calling, there are three ways your office can use conference calling. There is the Conference Genie GO, Conference Genie Plus and Conference Genie Pro. The Conference Genie GO allows you to have a conference call service for free. The only think you pay for is the cost of your telephone call. In fact, there is no need to tell Conference Genie when you place a call or who you are calling. All you have to do is enter your email address, it's that simple and takes less than a minute.

If it is important for you to see your overseas, or right next door business partners, you can now use video conferencing. This feature let's you share your work and make presentations, in real time. The best thing about using Video Conferencing is, there is no software needed. All you need an Internet connection and you are in business.

When it comes to pricing, this is the one and only conference calling company you need. The anytime and weekend times, after 6PM, are amazing.

Right now is the time to look at and sign your company up to use Conference Genie. Once signed up, you will wonder what took so long to do so.

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