Friday, October 22, 2010

TwiceToddlers( No More) and New Vitamins

A couple weeks ago, I was looking at the ingredients in my twins name brand multi vitamins. Well, when I found out what was in them, I threw them out and began looking for something with natural ingredients.

There is this online vitamin company I use for myself and went on this website looking for natural, no chemicals, vitamins for my twins. It took two weeks to get them, but when I opened the vitamins, I had no idea they would be so big.

Anyway, Twin A has had no problem chewing it. Twin B, on the other hand, has been fussing about chewing them. Today, I told her, "Mommy is looking to keep you healthy honey. You need to chew these, with water if you want, to keep you healthy. Especially if you do not want to go to your doctor."

I said, "Winter is here and this means your friends will be sick a lot. I do not want you do get sick. These new vitamins, even though they are big, will keep you healthy. They are full of vitamin C and Zinc, which keep you healthy. Stop fussing about the size. Just take it with water and you will be fine."

Twin B,more than Twin A, gives me trouble over almost everything. Twin A will go with the flow...

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