Monday, October 11, 2010

TwiceToddlers and Napping

So here I am again, talking about naps. A couple weeks ago, my twins, Mommy and Daddy tried to 86 the naps. In previous article posts, I have said I would stop the napping at ages 6 or 7. Well, it looks like I may stick to this schedule.

My twins really, really need their afternoon nap. They are just not ready to say goodbye to their naps. I say this because they get fussy, whiny and just have total attitude problems. Now, I really like nap time, but I am not a fan of Twin B waking up and crying. Twin A wakes up all happy and ready to go. But, Twin B,more times than not, wakes up crying. It is as if she wants to keep sleeping or goodness...I have no idea why she wakes up crying...

Anyway, my twins will remain taking their naps until their growing bodies no longer need them.


  1. Third time trying to comment. WOW! lol.

    I've realized that sometimes you just can't put kids on a schedule of YOUR making and have to just let their bodies do what they need to do. My Abby alternates between waking up happy and singing or waking up rubbing her eyes and crying. I don't know what's up with that.

    My twin mother friend tells me that sometimes she finds herself treating them as one child (Same bedtime, same nap schedule, etc) when they're two different people and may have a whole different set of needs. Maybe one twin doesn't need to sleep as long as the other? Or Twin B is related to me and can't stand waking up either. LOL

    :) Good luck with that!

    BTW...I added you to my Friends page (blogroll) which is a new setup from when you were there, and am working on finding an easy way for people to FOLLOW me. (I'm in new territory here.)

  2. Yes, you are so right Elisa. I do tend to treat then as ONE,and not TWO many times. But, this is in part do to them. They are so competitive. I will say Good Girl to one and I if I do not say Good Girl to the other, even if I am not talking to her, ohhhh she gets so is an never ending cycle...LOL

  3. I'm all about naptime! I was that way with my singletons but it's especially necessary with the twins. I need a break in my day from twin toddlers & they need it too. My almost 5 year old still naps a few times a week too.