Thursday, September 6, 2012

To Split or Not To Split Twins in Education

The challenge to parents of twins where education is concerned can center around the issue of whether to separate them or allow them to attend the same class. The primary concern is in wondering what effect their separation will have on the unique relationship twins enjoy. In the simplest of terms, the question may be posed: Why try to interfere with a good thing?

Consider these aspects:
1. Identical twins are mirrors of each other. The monozygotic aspect of identical twins means they are siblings whose genotypes are simply duplicates of one another. While this produces the visual sameness that tends to leave singletons staring in awe and wrongly assuming that the twins feel, think and desire exactly the same things, it should not be overlooked that twins enjoy their own distinctive personalities.

2. Identical twins share a shorthand of communication. The symbiotic relationship twins share is dependent upon the reinforcement that is exchanged on a regular basis, whether this is beneficial or detrimental. It is part of their bond and very difficult for singletons, such as brothers, sisters or even parents to fully understand. Often what may appear as dissidence is closely tied to their harmony with their ability to be together the key to letting this play unfold as part of their emotional evolution. The automatic connection, often thought of as the twins' mind-meld, is a tremendous gift of their relationship. They really should be allowed to exploit, or more specifically, enjoy this quality of mutual understanding.

3. The differences between identical twins complement one another. As twins work through their self-expression, they have an inherent sense of their mutual needs. This is best expressed in the example of the introvert and the extrovert, very often the conditions that exists within the twin relationship. While the extrovert twin always appears to need to protect the introvert twin, there is the extremely helpful benefit of the introvert allowing the extrovert to keep center stage. This form of compensation relies on the closeness of the didymous relationship. As twins grow, parents will find they are responding to each child individually as their personalities emerge, and not always as a collective unit.

In short, it is not recommended that twins be separated throughout their schooling simply in an attempt to promote their individuation. There is a reason twins are twins and their relationship is a condition of heart, mind and soul. It is a shame to disrupt the natural choreography of their interactive dependency. This will not cause their own self-expression to suffer, but it will encourage their freedom to bloom where they have been planted. Separating twins is an unnatural response to a naturally cohesive condition.

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