Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 3: Miracle Cosmeceuticals For Beautiful Skin

With days one and two facial applications complete, I am on to day three. For day three my new application is using the Age Defying Serum. This Age Defying Serum, in a circulation motion, is to be applied to such areas as problem redness, wrinkles, age spots and anywhere else on the face, or neck.

This application comes in a long container and is also a cream like the Original Smoothing Cream. Now, for the third day, reading the packet instructions for application, it says to apply this Age Defying Serum first. Once it is applied to the trouble spots on your face, let the serum absorb in the skin before applying the Original Smoothing Cream.

I am not sure about you, but I like doing things with steps. This is why this is the perfect product for my face. I like my home in order, my garage in order so why not my face in order. With that said, this is an amazing facial product. In fact, this is the best facial product I have used on my face, and neck, in a long time. Well, actually I have not used any facial products on my face in three years.

Here are the steps for applying these two facial products to your face:

A.M. Application

When I woke up this morning, even before I brewed my coffee, I washed my face and applied the Age Defying Serum. I put a little dot of this cream on my pointer finger and dabbed it on my chin, my left and right cheek, on my nose, forehead and around my eyes. After allowing the cream to absorb, I applied the Original Smoothing Cream in the same manner.

P.M. Application

When I was getting read for bed, I repeated the same steps above.

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