Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Fall Season Is Finally Here...Well Sort Of..

If the wind is not picking up and the leaves falling in your city, they will be happening soon. As late as summer is still here. It is cold in the morning, around 60 degrees somehing and once 3:00 rolls around, it is 90 degrees. So when the leaves begin falling more often as the seasons begin to really change, my twins will be jumping in the leaves and throwing them at each other.

This is one of the best parts of the fall season. I live in NorCal, so this is part of California, so NorCal is a bit colder than Socal and when the leaves begin to fall, it is so beautiful. I like to play in the leaves and through them too. I have begun taking fall photos of my twins playing in the falling leaves.

These are they photographs I took of my twins last year and I will take some more this year as well. The hats my twins are wearing I made and I love making, and selling, my flower hats, headbands and now hair clips. If I could be a professional photographer, I would be awesome. I just consider myself a photographer hobbist..

So if you like the fall season, what do you like about and do your kids like the fall season too? My twins just love playing in the falling leaves and when it gets cooler, sitting in front of the fireplace an drinking hot chocolate. My twins birthday is in the fall so this is another reason why they love the fall as well.


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