Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Soft Scrub Total All Purpose Cleaners

For a while now I have been able to test our new products through the Purex company. I am known as a Purex Insider. Well earlier this month I was sent a package of these two new cleaning products: A bathroom cleaner and all purpose cleaner. Well, I have to say I loved using them. The main selling point, I must say, was the fact the user can spray these products upside down. Yes, haven't you always wanted to use a cleaner product that allows this user to turn the cleaner upside down without it spilling out? I am sure you do.

So, when I received these products, I was excited and used them right away. I was amazed at how awesome the All Purpose Cleaner product worked on my kitchen sink. I mean when I sprayed the product, I allowed it to sit for about 10 minutes. When I came back and washed it away, my sink was spotless. My sinks have never looked that white before. This product was so amazing, when I had our house cleaner come over,she used all of it. I was a bit sad because I was ready to use it for cleaning my kitchen table and oven.

The other product I was able to test was the Bathroom Cleaner. The first place I used this was the toilets. Just like the kitchen sinks, it worked like a charm. Once I sprayed the inside of both toilets, I allowed the product to sit for 10 minutes. When I came back and flushed the toilets, they were white and spotless.  The best thing, of course, about the bathroom product was the fact I could use it upside down and get under the lip of the toilet.

As you can see, these products are well worth the purchase, especially if cleaning is not one of your favorite things to do. I have ONE coupon for THREE people. This coupon allows three people to receive one of these All Purpose Cleaners for FREE.
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