Friday, August 24, 2012

What Kids Want for Christmas This Year

Yes, it’s only August, but the holiday season will be at our front doors before we know it. Even though you probably won’t even start thinking about going Christmas shopping until mid-November, it never hurts to start planning your strategy early.

Christmas shopping for your children isn’t always the most enjoyable task, but with a little research, you can easily find what’s popular these days with the elementary crowd. In fact, I’ve already done a little research for you and found that you should expect your children’s wish lists to include one or more of the following four popular/new toys.

All Things Victorious

Nickelodeon’s popular children’s television series Victorious was named “Favorite Television Show” at this year’s Kids’ Choice Awards. Both boys and girls love to watch this after-school show, which tells the story of aspiring singer and performing arts high school student, Tori Vega. There have been several Victorious-themed toys produced in reaction to the show’s popularity. Most of these toys are marketed towards girls, and all of them can be purchased as affordable Christmas gifts. Top-rated items include the Hollywood Arts Debut video game for Nintendo DS, the Victorious tote bag and the Victorious Microphone Stand. All three of these items can be purchased for under $30.

Fisher-Price Servin’ Surprises Cook n’ Serve Kitchen and Table Set

This new item was a hit at this year’s American International Toy Fair. It’s a play kitchen that doubles as an activity table. While kids pretend to make food items like pizza and cookies, the magical serving tray recognizes the play items and responds with related sound effects and songs. The kitchen includes a stove-top burner, grill and light-up oven and comes with a four-slice pizza, toppings and pizza cutter, as well as four cookies and a baking tray. Also included are two forks, spoons, cups and plates. To convert it into an activity table, simply slide the oven off and flip the stovetop over. This toy can be found at any major toy retailer for around $80.

K’NEX Angry Birds Sets


There are a few new themes for K’NEX this year, including the Angry Birds sets. These setsare perfect for children ages five and older, and are both educational and interactive. The Angry Birds sets are especially fun, because they mimic the popular app game. Kids can use the catapult to launch bird figures and knock down the structures they build, just like the game! Each set is designed to look like a different Angry Birds level and can be purchased at most toy stores for between $30 and $45.

Collector’s Edition PAC-MAN Connect & Play Video Games


This video game toy is expected to be the most popular, by far. It won’t be released until sometime this fall, but both children and video game-loving adults alike are waiting for its arrival. Manufactured by Bandai, this connect-and-play console will contain 12 retro arcade games, including the famous Pac-Man Level 256. Other games include Disdug, Galaga, Mappy and Xevious. Look for this product to be sold anywhere video games are sold. It should be released by mid-September and will be on sale for around $25.

If you can stay on top of what your children are interested in and learn about the newest and hottest toys before they hit the shelves, your Christmas shopping season will be as easy as pie. Good luck and have a happy holiday!

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