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Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

No Energy wasted with Tankless Water Heater
The tankless WH is the best thing you could buy for your home today. A tankless WH allows the homeowner to save on energy like never before. There is no standby heat loss and when taking showers, you can truly have endless showers with no worries as the next person takes their shower. A typical shower will use 2.5 gallons of water per minute and the mid size tankless WH will supply around 6 to 7 gallons of hot water per minute. That is a big difference and well worth the investment.
The best thing about a tankless WH is more than one person can take a shower simultaneously.
The tankless water heaters have the best tankless technology and are very sophisticated with computer controlled appliances. The technology controls the water temerature to prest level regardless of water volume and pressure. If you live in the Houston area, the only placto look at and purchase your tanless WH is at the Houston TX Plumbers at Mamoth Plumbing. Mammoth Plumbing offer their clients the Rianni Tankless Water Heaters from the Rianni Corporation patented water heater technology. Other tankless water heater manufactuers are Noritz, Takagi, and Bosch. These are the most durable tankless water heaters on the market today.
The best thing about the tankless water heater is the temperature feature. It does not matter how much water is being used, the temperature is the same regardless if there is a second shower turned. The gas burner or electic heater modulates the engergy, gas or electric to the desired level to achieve the set temperature. If this temperature feature is amazing, then you will like that it lasts 3 times longer as a storage tank WH with no noticeable degradation in performance or efficiency over time. Tankless WH models like Noritz 751 or Takagi TK-3 can supply an entire house with continuous hot water and save energy and money.
Looking for a Plumber in Houston is easy as 1-2-3. Houston is a pretty big city, this means there are a lot of plumbers in the phone book or online. Right not, all you have to do is bookmark the Mammouth Plumbing website for all your plumbing needs and to have a tankless WH installed today.     
Government incentives make Tankless WH more affordable than ever before
With today's government subsidies, tax credits, tax rebates and sometimes additional local utility companies offer, rebates for tankless water heaters can compete favorably. This is especially true when it comes to replacing your old fashion Storage tank water heater. If you think these tankless water heaters are a lot, think again. Even if  their initial cost looks expensive, their cost has come down and the payback on energy savings can be very substantial.

There are some statistics that suggest  30% to 40%  of the energy cost in most typical homes is consumed by the water heater. Installing the tankless water heater will reduce this current percentable by more than 50%.  The tankless water heater, although popular in the home, is also popular for commercial and industrial applications. Models like Noritz 751, Noritz 842 and Noritz 931 can be installed in series to provide almost boiling water. Restaurants, Hair Salons, Gyms and many other commercial businesses can benefit from the energy savings of tankless water heaters in addition to the space savings. Smaller units like Noritz 631 are well suited for smaller applications, like apartments or smaller homes.

Some of the tankless water heater units allow for the desired termperature setting on the control panel that can be installed in a bathroom or another room. If a homeowner or business owner need to change to a higher termperature of 182 degree F for example, this would be easy to set with th digital control panel. This will be useful when filling a SPA or bath tub. Whether it is a home, office or vacation home, the tankless water heater will work in all these locations. In some areas, electricty might be expensive compared to natural gas and a natural gas or liquid propane or LP tankless water heater may be more economical.

Correct Installation makes the difference
The tankless water heater is a sophisticated appliance. This means it is critical they are installed correctly. It is important they are installed by a licensed, factory certified and experienced professional. Customes will be looking for a Plumbing Houston company. The only place to find experience and professional installers is at Mammouth Plumbing. Before purchasing your tankless water heater, it is important the location is picked out for where it will be installed in a home, office or vacation home. The tankless water heater has to be near the gas meter and the gas line for it to be property sized. This allows the water heater to supply the volume of gas needed. Utility gas meters can also be restrictive and not able to supply enough gas. Since tankless water heater modulates its burners it adjusts the gas flow to the burner for desired temperature.

The gas supply and volume is very important to have a trouble free operation. It is not that tankless water heaters use more gas; they use more of it when heating the water instantaneously versus the tank WH that slowly heats the water. It is important how efficiently that energy is used. A professional installation also tries to minimize the pipe length from the tankless WH to the next bathroom. This reduces the amount of cold water that is flushed before the hot water reaches the faucet.
A variety of pump products that continuouly circulate hot water in the pipes so that hot water is immediately avaibale if you open the hot water faucet.These types of water hearts happen to be very wasteful. The energy wasted with these type of water heaters are not insulated and made of copper. Copper is a very good heat conductor so all the hot water in the pipes are constantly radiating heat to the surrounding and cooling off quickly. Hot water is pumped through it to cool and these pumps and associated valvles us the cold water pipes for the circulation of water. This allows the cold water in the pips to become warm as well.
The best thing about a tankless water heater is the size. It is compact and can almost be installed anywhere and not necessarily where the old water heater was. This tankless water heater has to also carry the same volume of water as the old fashioned water heater. The tankless water heater needs to regulate the flow because it does not have to capacity when needed. Because of this fact, it mean that multiple showes may not have enough hot water at the same time.  Even though a tankless water heater, it still needs a minimum flow of water to start heating water. It takes 0.5 gallons per minute to begin heating water.

If there is a very low flow of water in the tankless water heater, homeowners should know it might not come on or it will turn on and off again quickly. The one handle shower faucets are also known to do this. The mixture ratio of cold and hot water is set according to the storage tank water heater temperature which is higher than the tankless WH.
Finally, it is easy to fix and adjust the mixure ratio of the vavle to match the tankless water heater temperature. If the flow of hot water coming out of the shower is not hot enough, it is not directly related to the operation of the water heater itself.

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