Sunday, March 18, 2012

TwiceGirlies at AWANA

For years now I had heard of AWANA from some of my friends at church. It sounded like something I wanted my girls to be in, but I had never signed them up for the mid week bible study/game time for kids K-12. Well, two weeks ago, my girls friend,Miraiam, invited them to AWANA. I said, sure, lets go my girls will love it. They loved it so much, I signed them up for the remaining season. The AWANA in my city ends in May and them begins again after summer break. When I signed up, I paid half price.

Well, the first night my twins were there, they did not know the song. The song was about the names of the books in the bible. I remember, going to South Hills Academy, when I was a kid learning the all the books of the bible OT and NT. I had to learn them all as my curriculum and I can still hear myself learning and saying them aloud today. The more my twins go to AWANA, they will learn both these songs. I can probaly find something on YouTube about learning the names of the OT and NT books.

Alright, so here are photos of my twins on their first week:

The photos above are showing my girls learning the verse John 3:16 with one of the volunteers. At my girls age, they begin out as SPARKS and move on up to a new name the older they get. Once they learn the verse and what it means, they earn a red vest and their first book, Hang Gliders. The vest shows them they are part of SPARKS right now and the more they learn from the bible, verses and such, they will earn badges and wings. Every time, I think, a student learns verses and what they mean, they earn a colored gem that gets attached to the wings.

After sitting at a certain table with their leaders, it is game time. That is what the photos above are. My twins are doing an obstacle course on this night. They are different events every Wednesday. This was just one week where they did this.

Last week, my twins learned John 3:16 and earned their red vest and first book. Now, they more AWANA bucks they earn, they can probably get a bag for their book. I am so glad they are having fun. Their twins, my sister's boys and my nephews, are also apart of AWANA. They have been going longer than my girls, are older and live in a different city.

Here are photos of my twins wearing their AWANA red vest and holding their Hang Glider's book:

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