Saturday, March 17, 2012

TwiceGirlies At Alyssa's Birthday Party

My twins were invited to one of their friend's birthday parties a couple weeks ago. Oh they had so much fun. There was a bouncy house and a playground. The party was just for girls, so there was girlie things to do like getting a hairdo, nails painted, make up. It was so much fun. My girls were playing outdoors and running around the backyard with the birthday girl, Alyssa, and some other friends from school and Alyssa's cousins.

The home where the party was held, it was just amazing. The home sits on property where an almond orchard is. I had fun at the party, just like my girls did. I was meeting new people and just chit chatting away.

When dinner time came around, the kids, and adults, got to make their own pizza's. Yeah, there was mobile pizza guy at the party with a brick oven, pizza dough and pizza toppings. It was so much fun. I think this is one of the best parties my twins and myself have gone to in a long time.

While people were making their own pizza's, Alyssa was inside the home opening gifts. She received a lot of nice gifts, including the hat and headband my girls gave her. After the gift opening was done, it was time to eat cake, so everyone sat around the dining room table and sang, "Happy Birthday to Alyssa".

Here are the photos I took at the birthday.

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