Monday, March 12, 2012

Do Your Kids Dread Car Rides Together? 6 Fun Car Games Made for Siblings

As all moms and dads know, long car rides with a kid in tow can seem twice as long. Riding with more than one kid, though, can be even more difficult. But, never fear, next time your young ones start in with the “are we there yet” syndrome or start taking their boredom out on one another, try one of these tried and true car games made to play in pairs.

1.      20 Questions
This is a classic game for filling time. Have one rider choose something for the others to guess, usually a person, place or thing. Then the other players take turns asking yes or no questions until someone guesses correctly. If it takes more than twenty questions to get it right, the chooser wins. If someone does guess correctly, that guesser wins and gets to choose next.

2.      Alphabet game
This is a nice game for kids who have just learned their ABC’s. Have your riders look out the window for letters of the alphabet and try to spot letters in order from A-Z. The first one to call out all the letters in order wins.

3.      Spelling Bee
If your kids are of spelling age, try out this fun activity. You can be the judge, and have your kids take turns spelling out words that you give to them. You can keep score with points for correct answers.

4.      Categories
In this game, one rider thinks of a category, such as things that are blue, and players go around in a circle naming things that go in that category. Keep going until a player can’t think of anything more. That player must then drop out and the game continues until there is one winner left.

5.      Rock, Paper, Scissors
A great time-waster, and even decision-maker, we have all played rock, paper, scissors before. Explain the rules to your kids and set up a championship match.

6.      Who Am I?
This is similar to 20 questions, but it only involves guessing people that your kids may kids have met before. It could be a teacher, family friend or delivery person. Have players go around in a circle and ask yes or no questions to narrow down the mystery person.

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