Sunday, March 18, 2012

Twice Girlies and Neighbor Across the Street

My twins, they are not shy at all. In fact, I would say they are no where near being shy. If I let them, they would talk to everyone in and on our street. Ever heard of the "Wonder Twins"? Well, this is what my twins are. When they begin talking and being active, indoors or outdoors,  their "Wonder Powers" of talking..and talking...and playing and so much more goes into overdrive.

Here are my twins helping our neighbor across the street. We love our neighbor and whenever she is outside sitting on her chair or working in her front yard, so are my twins. So, here are my twins talking and asking our neighbors ears off. What they are talking to her about is beyond me. I was sitting across the street reading my book my Frank Peretti, "The Oath". I take my camera almost everywhere I go and so I had it outside with my as always.

So, while I am reading my book and taking photos of my girls, they are digging in the dirt with our neighbor and asking her what they can do for her. I know they will not stop taking because I can hear they and see their body movements from where I am sitting.

Here are the two photos I took of them helping our neighbor:

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