Saturday, March 17, 2012

TwiceGirleis Playing With Hannah at Park

A couple weeks ago (last time I wrote an article) my twins and their friend, Hannah, played at a local park. I have known Hannah's Mom for a long time now. So when I saw her daughter, Hannah, taking dance classes at the same place my girls have dance, we set a play date. The girls just had a blast with Hannah. The weather was nice that day and it was just nice to get out of the house.

Yeah, living in California (So Cal or Nor Cal) if you do not like the weather..just wait an hour. I say this because last Sunday, I was sitting in my front yard when the weather was very nice. It was warm and sunny. Then about an hour later, all this wind began picking up and grey clouds were showing up.

But I digress..

This day though, the weather happened to be wonderful all around. The sun was out, kids were playing and it was just good day. So, my friend and I sat on my blanket I brought with a bag of goodies. We talked about things we found we had in common. We talking about these things, we have in common, two weeks before the play date. It is just amazing how people are brought back together after drifting away, for whatever reason.

So, our kids are playing and having fun and we are talking about certain things we happen to agree with. It was like a WOW moment for me, and her. We are not alone in the things have come to learn and it is such an eye opener.

Aside from that, our girls have a good time together and they now have a new friend. It is a good thing too because they are the same age and like to do the same things too. Yeah, when the weather gets better, we are sure to have more play dates.

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