Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TwiceGirlies Completed Painting for Nana and Papa

Monday my twins and Mommy finally completed the painting for Nana and Papa. It is so awesome. This is the painting idea I found at Michael's in the paint and canvas section. This painting was suggested for Mother's Day, but this painting project could be made anytime of the year.

This painting project requires two or three canvas panels, paint of your choice, ribbon and a crop a dile. The painting could use two or three colors. Once the paint dried, I painted my twin girlies hands with the colors they wanted. The paint on their hands had to be different than the colors on the canvas. Then, after the paint dried from the hands, my twin girlies dipped their finger into a bowl of paint and wrote their name at the bottom of the canvas.

Once all the paint dried, I used the crop a dile and cut out two holes at the top of the canvas and bottom of the canvas. I did the same thing of the second canvas, but only cut out holes on the top. After all the holes were cut out, I pulled the ribbon into the two holes on top and bottom of the first canvas and pulled ribbon through the top of the second canvas.

After the ribbon was pulled through all the holes, I kept tying the ribbon just so it would not go through the tiny holes. Finally, after all the ribbon was tied together, the painting is ready to be hung on a wall. Here is my final product and this would make for an anytime gift from your child to their loved one. It is very easy to do and kids love to paint and get all messy, right?

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