Monday, October 3, 2011

The Itty Bitty Heatbeats Giveaway...

Hello my readers!!

The Itty Bittty Heartbeats giveaway will end on Friday. This giveaway will include the following for your child ages 2-6:

I can offer you and your family the following items for personal use:

  1 itty bitty HeartBeats DVD
  1 plush doll - CoolHeart (for boys) or SweetHeart (for girls)
  5 sheets of stickers
  7 download links to the original songs from the shows

Please do the following: Write a note why you want this giveaway in comments below, LIKE me on Facebook (monica curran hopkins) and Follow me of Twitter (momoftwingirls).

On Friday, I will pick the winner.


  1. I think my 4 year old would really like the itty bitty HeartBeats characters. I sent you a twitter follow request (frugalmomto4), but I wasn't able to find you on Facebook.

  2. I think my 5 year old son would love this