Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Twice Girlie's "A" and "B" Losing Baby Teeth

Over the past two weeks now, Twice Girlie "A" has been doing her best to loosen her first front, bottom, baby tooth, but to no avail. That tooth is so stubborn and as the new tooth sits behind her baby tooth, still. When my baby teeth were pushing out as a kid, I do not recall the new tooth sitting behind the baby tooth. So far, my twins adult teeth have been sitting behind the baby teeth instead of pushing out the baby tooth.

Oh well, tonight, I was doing my best to help Twice Girlie "A" get that front, bottom, baby tooth out. I was showing her how to twist it around and push it back and did not work at all. I mean, this tooth is totally ready to be removed, but it is very stubborn.

Then Twice Girlie "B" also has a second loose front, bottom, baby tooth. This tooth is loose just like her sisters, in that it too is stubborn and will not fall out. So, I have been telling my girlie's to eat or chew their food on the left or right side of their mouth. I really do not want them to lose or swallow their tooth. My girlie's really want to get some money from the "tooth fairy" you know.

Twice Girlie "A" is especially looking forward to receiving money from the "tooth fairy" since this will be her first lost tooth.

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