Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TwiceBaby "B" Eats PB&Js Now

That is right, TwiceBaby "B" has decided to begin eating PB&J's now. Well, I have never really given my twins PB, but instead Sunflower Butter. Sunflower butter is much better for you and can be purchased at your local Trader Joe's.

There is something in PB that is not good for people, like me, with an autoimmune disease. So, I when I looked at a list, very long list mind you, of products that are bad for me, PB was on that list. But, on the same list, it showed me to replace PB with Sunflower Butter.

My twins, and myself, can not tell the difference.

Anyway, now my twins are both eating PB&J's and that is a relief to me. One less food I have to feed them or struggle with them to eat.

God Bless!!

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