Thursday, May 8, 2008

Do You Know Someone Looking to get a Reverse Mortgage?

If you live in California, Colorado, Washington or Oregon, you can get a reverse mortgage with Ameritek Mortgage Inc which as been in business since 1997. With a reverse mortgage, if you are 62 or older, you are able to use your homes equity to get a monthly income, a line of credit or even a lump sum of cash if this is what you want.

Maybe you would like to take a combination of these reverse mortgage options. If this is the case, you can do this where there is no qualifying income or credit requirements.

Yes, this is a very easy loan to qualify for. Just remember, there is no repayment until you permanently leave the home. While you live in your home, you will retain full ownership and if you want, you can leave your home to your family.

Maybe you are thinking this is something that takes time. Ameritek Mortgage Inc. is making this easy for you by giving you a mortgage calculator on their website to figure out what you can and can not do with a reverse mortgage.

If you live in California, then getting a California reverse mortgage is something you should think about.Ameritek Mortgage Inc. specializes in California reverse mortgages. Perhaps you have been in your home for so long, a reverse mortgage is something you never thought about. Ameritek Mortgage Inc. has made it easy for you by showing you the loan process in a six step process.

The best thing about Ameritek Mortgage Inc. is that they will give you a free reverse mortgage quote. This is a great reason the look into getting a reverse mortgage on your home.

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