Monday, May 19, 2008

Twicebabies and Milk

Did or do your toddlers just love milk? Well, mine do. They used to love apple juice, but lately, as all babies do, they have changed their minds and now, now they just want milk.

Now, if milk was still priced in the $2.00 range, sure, I would give them milk until it was coming out of their ears. When milk reaches and goes over $4.00 a gallon, milk, just like bread, is not something to give our liberally.

Lately, milk, bread and rice, have become gold not only in my home, but other homes as well I can assure you.

So, to allow my twins to drink milk all day, everyday, I only pour milk to halfway in their sippy cups. That way, when they drop their sippy cups, as they do often, and not go back to retrieve their sippy cups, a whole sippy cup of milk will not be wasted.

I can recall when my twins were preemies and infants, they drank Neosure for their meal staple. This Neosure, in canisters, cost $13.95!!!! Can you believe that!! Sure, this is a lot more that %2 milk, but for almost a year, well nine months, my twins drank this Neosure. We had to purchase probably 5-7 canisters a week...

Yeah, it was an expensive diet to say the least. But just wait, milk will eventually catch up to this Neosure formula, I guarantee it!

God Bless!!

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