Thursday, May 8, 2008

Twicebabies and their new Game

Since yesterday my twins, while playing on their slide, have decided that picking up the slide and lifting it up to the other twin, while standing on the blue platform is a fun game.

Oh yes, I will have to get a video of them doing this. It is hilarious to see.

They smile and laugh so hard.

The looks on Twin A and Twin B's face is adorable as they giggle when the slide makes a big thumping sound on the grass below.

Twin A began doing this when Twin B was standing on the platform and I heard this giggling going on from inside my utility room. So, I went outside to see what that noise was.

All I could do was laugh with them and tell Twin A to let Twin B now stand below and lift up the slide to give to Twin A. Because Twin B had not done this part before, the slide hit her on the head. I had to tell her to lift the slide up to her sister, then run away so when the slide falls, it will not hit you on the head.

Oh goodness, what my twins will do for some entertainment is just too funny.

God Bless!!

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