Saturday, May 31, 2008

TwiceBabies With Attitude

It seems my twins have attitude.

And, it looks like that attitude has come from guess who?

That's right, Mommy.

My goodness, shame on Mommy. Having patience has never been one of my strong suits. But, it looks like a lot of prayer and patience is something I will have to begin doing/using.

Recently, TwiceBaby "B" has begun to act like Mommy. She loves to say NO a lot. I think No has become her favorite word. Along with the word No, she likes to run away and run around the inside of our home. She will run from the living room to the small hallway, to the computer room and back to the living room.

TwiceBaby "A" on the other hand likes to listen to Mommy and mimic each word I say. If I am scolding her sister, she repeats every word I say. TwiceBaby "A" acts like she too is the Mommy. I have to remind her that I am Mommy, not her. I have to tell her to go to the Family Room and wait until I finish talking to her sister.

Silly girls, they are growing up so fast and really developing their own personalities right before our eyes.

God Bless Growing TwiceBabies!!

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