Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Twicebabies come home not Happy Campers

When our Twicebabies came home from PapaGaGa's they were not happy campers.

First, I unlocked TwiceBaby A from her car seat and she wanted to get in the front seat. I was doing my best to pull her out of the truck and she refused, kicking and screaming!!!

TwiceBaby B was watching the whole thing. Daddy had to come pull TwiceBaby A out, put her in the house and then Daddy took TwiceBaby B out. She was not as bad as her sister.

Once they were both indoors, they had a total meltdown and Mommy marched them to their room and closed the door. Daddy made their milk sippy cups and laid down with them.

Did they like that? NO!! They were screaming and going ballistic.

Welcome to toddler hood and having two year old, right!

Finally, our TwiceBabies called for Mommy to come in and 'kiss, hug' them. So, I went in and gave them what they wanted.

My goodness, usually, they get to watch some of their favorite On Demand shows, but tonight, that was scratched. All they got was their milk and baby music.

God Bless little ones who turn on a dime!!!

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