Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Twicebabies are home...

They came home two hours ago. They had today. When the arrived home, they were not even asleep in the big GMC vehicle my babysitter drives.

Oh, and they made a liar out of me because they were not fussy or having meltdowns at all.

Over an hour ago, we all sat in our family room and watched Peekaboo three times, then one Hi-5 episode. When it was time to go to bed, that is when Twin A had a total meltdown. She was dressed in her PJ's yet and when ballistic when Daddy was dressing her. She wanted to go to bed in her birthday suit.

But,that was not going to happen because when we wake up in the morning, it will be quite chilly.

Well, I am glad my twins had a fun day like that.

We may be going to another birthday party this month to. For my friends son's 2nd birthday in a couple of weeks.

God Bless!

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