Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Twicebabies and the Crazy Wind

My goodness, the wind in my city has been crazy! It has been so crazy I will not let my twins outside. It is dangerous, even in my backyard it is bad because I have a huge tree where branches fall off. When my twins see these branch's, they play with them and I have to take them away. My goodness,they could poke out an eye or do something worse.

The only thing good about this wind is our nap time. I open their bed room window, ever so slightly, and we hear the wind whipping into our room and the plants outside our room brush against the window, scratching the window, if you will.

This is the only good thing about this wind, that for the life I me, I can not understand where it is coming from. Well, I have a theory as to where this wind is coming from, but no one will believe me.

God Bless everyone and stay safe!!!

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