Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Twicebabies Still Destroy Home

That is right, with all the 'baby proofing' I can do, they still find ways to seek and destroy all things at eye or hand level.

In my computer room, we have a sliding glass door. Covering our sliding glass door at night are curtains. These curtains hang from a lovely rod. Well, this rod, along with the curtains, are slowing beginning to fall down.

My twins are so strong!! They are beginning to pull the rod, along with curtains, down!!

So today, Mommy, that is me, decided to stand on my computer chair and lift of each side of curtains over rod. Now, my curtains look swag and will remain up on the rod until my twins no longer feel the need to yank on the curtains, and possibly bring down the rod on them.

Babies and Toddlers, these hands are always on the lookout for something to destroy!!

God Bless and Love Them!!

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