Saturday, May 24, 2008

TwiceBabies are Running Around Outside

Right now, my twins are in the garage and running around outside. The wind is blowing and they are releasing lots of energy. I can hear them running, yes hear them running, and yelling, having a ball on our driveway. We have a very long driveway and at the bottom of the driveway we have a plastic white picket fence. This keeps them in and safe. That is until they learn to climb over this fence, then, we will be in for it.

Goodness, there is nothing to stop my girls. They are always on the go and it makes this Mommy tired. Oh, then there is there constant badgering each other. One always wants what the other one wants and this goes on all---day---long---.

Geez, can a Mama get a break!??

God Bless!!

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