Wednesday, May 28, 2008

TwiceBabies Love Reading

Well, not really. When I sit down and read with them, as of late, I sit in between both of them. Then, I begin reading to them and as I read, TwiceBaby "A" copies every word that comes out of my mouth. It is just so sweet. I have to look over at her to see her lips moving. She is so eager to learn and copy what Momm does.

TwiceBaby "B", like TwiceBaby "A", does the same thing, only not as loud.

When I look at TwiceBaby "A", she smiles at me with that most precious face of hers. I just giggle with her as she wants so bad to read, right now...

TwiceBaby "B" loves to be read to and she is on her way to reading before she is 3 years old.

My twins have always loved me reading to them. For about a month or two, our reading had stopped and now, like a ligthning bolt, we have begun reading again.

Like I say, begin reading to your baby when, she or he, is still in your womb. If you do, you will have a reader from the get go.

God Bless Babies Who LOVE To Learn!!

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