Friday, May 9, 2008

Twicebabies spend day with Ma ti Ma and Mommy with her friend, get facials

Today, my twins spent the morning and partial afternoon with their babysitter, Ma ti Ma as they call her.

This is because, Mommy, that is me, went to get a facial with my sweet, sweet and best friend. She gave me a sweet Mother's Day gift because she loves me and knows the stress my sweeties put me under.

So today, my twins and Ma ti Ma went to her friends home where her friend has a 4 year old. They all played in the backyard and danced and I think went to the park. I love went Ma ti Ma takes them places, she has so much energy it is crazy.

Before our facial, my friend and I had a Mimosa and some sweet treats sitting on a table in front of a couch. We had our facial at Peaches and Cream Skin Care. Oh, my facial was Divine. The Esthetician who worked on me did an excellent job. My face is rejuvenated and my skin looks so much healthier now. I was also given a shoulder massage and paraffin treatment.

Wow, I will definitely have to go back. When, I do not know as it is not easy for me to find someone to watch my twins, except on Thursday's of course.

Well, Happy Mother's Day all you Mommy's out there!!

God Bless!

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  1. Thanks for dropping by & your lovely compliment! The design is actually one of the templates that you find on Blogger (Minima its called). I designed & changed the header & broaden the width on the template :)

    Ma ti Ma sounds like a god-send. Lucky U! :) And the facial & massage!!.. I have to go get me one of those soon!

    Happy Mother's Day!