Monday, May 19, 2008

Does you have a trade show coming up?

If you do, you may want to have the best trade show display for your booth or booths. When you purchase booth displays through the Camelback Truss Store, you will be able to choose from designs that fit your every need. You can get a Truss display custom made at a very affordable price, any EZ collapsible Modular Truss, EZ-6 Truss and so many more designs to fit your display needs.

Maybe, all you really need is a banner stand to sit on a table. If this is the case, there are over ten banner stands for you and your company to choose from. You can even purchase a sign holders and shopping bag racks.

When you order all your display booths, Truss Exhibits and banner stand with Camelback Display, you can not go wrong. Camelback Display has been serving their customers since 1999 and is a one stop supplier of exhibits and complete accessories for all kinds of companies who have exhibit needs.

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