Saturday, May 31, 2008

TwiceBabies and Photos

When my twins were infants, I would take photos of them each month on the date of their birth. After my twins turned One, my hubby asked me to stop taking so many photos of them.
Well, our twins are now two and a half and I still take photos of them, just not as much.
Twin "A" does not mind Mommy taking photos of her. In fact, she loves when I ask her to pose
for Mommy.
Twin "B" on the other hand, puts her hand over her eyes or face, blocking Mommy from taking photos of her.
It is hard for Mommy, that is me, to stop taking photos of my twins. I mean, if I do not take photos of them, who will? I take awesome photos and they always come out just lovely. It is cheaper for me to take photos of my twins than take them to a portrait studio.

The last time my hubby and I took our twins to a portrait studio was at Christmas 2007. That year, I also took the most precious photos of them in front of our fireplace. They actually came out much better than the portrait studio photos.

Silly twins, they are a hoot!!

God Bless!!

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