Sunday, May 18, 2008

Twicebaby "A" and the Potty

Ever since Twicebaby "B" first used the potty for it's intended purpose, Twicebaby "A" wants to step up to the potty, put the toddler cushion on the potty and just sit there. I say to Twicebaby "A", "Are you going to do something? This is not a toy. Either do something or get off, you could fall and hurt yourself."

The thing that bothers me when they tell me they have to go potty is, they will climb on their step, sit on the potty, for a while, with their dollie or KeeKee and when I leave the room, they get up off the potty and go looking for Mommy or Sister.

This is real obnoxious!!!

Okay, I have never pushed them to even use the potty, so, when they keep stepping up, then stepping down, up, down, up, down, it is too much for Mommy. I just tell them, "Okay, I am putting your diaper on. Enough with this."

Twicebaby "B" and "A" do the same thing with their musical potty's.

Oh well, I guess I just wait and wait, and wait, until they are fulling potty trained.

God Bless!!

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