Thursday, May 29, 2008

TwiceBabies: "Hug, Kiss"

Recently, my Twicebabies have been just loving hugs and kisses. They love them so much that when Mommy, or Daddy, give them hugs and kisses, after each hug and kiss, they each do this sweet, little sigh.

It is so cute. I wish I could let you hear what is sounds like. It is just a sweet, little sigh, as if, "Oh Mommy, I love you and love giving, and getting, hugs and kisses."

They faces are just so sweet when they are getting their hugs and kisses too. Just like when I read to them and they repeat ever, single, word I say and they smile at me.

My silly girls.....I LOVE THEM!!!

God Bless Precious Baby Girls....

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