Thursday, May 1, 2008

Twicebabies and another easy bedtime event

Yes, it is an event every time my twicebabies go to sleep.

It is a touch and go event because they just can not stand going to bed. If they could, they would stay up all, night, long. If that ever happened, they would have to be infants once again, waking up every two to three hours for a feeding and diaper change. This, I assure you, will not happen again.

Right now, it is 11:59PM and all is quiet in my home. This is always a good thing for Daddy and Mommy.

Thank you Lord for sleeping babies. If only this trend would continue, but babies tend to make liars out of their Daddy and Mommy. This means, nothing is every constant with an infant or toddler.

God Bless!!

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