Friday, May 30, 2008

TwiceBabies Loving Go Bananas

Well, when Daddy came home from work tonight, we all got ready and went to Go Bananas, without telling them where we were going.

They had a blast. The place was not busy at all. There was one family there when we arrived and she had three girls and she was with her friend who had a baby girl.

Well, all three of the girls just loved A&E! They played with them and helped our twins get into one of the jumper/climbers and get over the 'rock wall'. It was just so sweet. Two of the girls were calm,while the other little girl was high strung and just wanted to have loads of fun!

One of the little girls, she was nine I think, loved Twin "E". She wanted to hold her and carry her to each jumper. Twin "E" seemed to like it, as long as she could see Mommy and Daddy. Twin "A" on the other hand wanted no part of having someone, other than Mommy or Daddy, hold her or help her climb a jumper.

We left around 8:45 because the place was closing and we went to get our twins a "milksake" as they call it. This is always something, we can say or do to get our twins to not throw a fit.

God Bless Go Bananas!!

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