Saturday, May 3, 2008

Twicebabies are STILL with their Babysitter

I called my babysitter around 1:13 to see how my twins were doing. My babysitter said they were eating bananas, cookies and having lots of fun playing with the other kids.

This is great, but when they come home, they will have a total meltdown and Mommy, that is me, will be the one dealing with this.

Oh, how I love it when my twins have a total meltdown because they did not get their afternoon nap, at all!!

Okay Mommy, be prepared....but on the WHOLE armour of God...let my twicebabies just have their meltdown...

If they do not have a meltdown, I will be amazed, but if they do, I will be prepared...

God Bless!!

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