Saturday, May 24, 2008

Twicebabies are so Sweet

Today, because it was again windy, we stayed indoors.

Let's see, today, the three of us, Twin A, Twin B and Mommy, danced in our living room to their 1st Birthday CD. We danced to "Head and Shoulder's...." and just danced in a circle around their xylophone's. That is before I moved them out of the way. The xylophone's were in front of out fireplace, which has brick.

Anyway, after our dancing, we went into our family room and watched, you guessed it, their Hi-5 shows in On Demand. We watched those shows for a while, then I began doing some laundry while they followed me around the house, as per usual.

When it came time for bed, they went down pretty well. No fuss, no buss and sound asleep they went.

Love it!

God Bless!

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