Saturday, May 24, 2008

TwiceBabies "B"...and the MeltDown

When my TwiceBabies came in from their outside fun, TwiceBaby "B" felt the need for a meltdown. I guess this is the new term used by "child experts". What a joke, who really, is an expert on a child? Much less toddlers? If I really find a "child expert", I will need to shake their hand and give them a Hi-5!.

Right, there are no 'experts'. Especially those who study child development and pyschology, WHO NEVER HAD THEIR OWN KIDS!!

You know, I studied child development and psychology in college and I am still learning about my twins. Everyday, your child will throw you for a loop. Nothing is ever the same. What is that saying my Mom always uses, "A child will make you out to be a liar." One day they are good to go, and they next day, BAM!! A total, how you say, meltdown.

Babies and Toddlers are unpredictable and if an 'expert' tries to put a child in a box, they are wasting their time. The most we, as Mommy's and Daddy's can do is calm them down and gently place them in their room for a little bit. If a child, my twins included, have their meltdowns, my husband and I either point to their room or we take them there, gently. Once the crying stops, they can open their door and come out.

Sometimes, we parents have to look like we are in control of the situation, otherwise, we will be bulldozed over, again and again and on yes, again.

God Bless Time Outs and Parents Who Love Their Babies, Toddlers and Children. Forget the 'experts'.

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